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Did my personal narcissistic ex boyfriend enjoy me personally?

The fundamentals

  • What's Narcissism?
  • Discover a counselor whom understands narcissism

If you have ever come significantly and passionately crazy about an excellent narcissist who kept you sobbing and you will curious what happened, you have got thought about: “Did he enjoy myself whatsoever? Really does the guy actually consider myself? Usually the guy come back to me?”

After paying attention to those narcissistic males from inside the therapy talk about its like items, I have unearthed that each one of these the male is very predictable. I've created the phrase “Narcissistic Like Patterns,” to describe the partnership behaviors these men replicate over and you may over again with assorted female. Knowing your own narcissistic ex's “Like Trend” you might essentially expect just how he will operate along with you. It can also help you understand how he watched you and just what dating extremely designed to your.

There are particular “Narcissistic Love Patterns” one to exist oftentimes that we has offered her or him brands: “This new Close, “The major Game Huntsman,” “New White Knight,” “This new Novelty Seeker,” “The newest Hater,” and you will “The brand new Recycler.” Basically took a vote on what of these narcissistic exes most females require right back, “The latest Romantic” may be the natural winner. In the modern article, we shall just take a close look from the “New Intimate Narcissist's Like Trend” to understand why his losings seems thus devastating and you will why females long for your to return.

If you considered that your very intimate narcissistic ex boyfriend very treasured you and desired to marry your, you're not in love.