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The initial design (Design step 1) presents the fresh new unadjusted association between both genders level and you can newest contraceptive fool around with

Immediately following performing univariate analyses on demographics, intercourse procedures, contraception have fun with and you will method choices tips, we conducted bivariate investigation with the relationship within sex methods and also the contraception have fun with and you will strategy selection outcomes. Eventually, we used multivariate analyses to look at hence of your own sex and you may market affairs is associated with each one of the you'll outcome categories. All analyses (univariate, bivariate and multivariate) are adjusted by using the full-try loads along the four metropolises and you will modified getting clustering during the this new try.

The first consequences, newest birth control explore, have three classes: non-profiles, traditional means profiles, and you will modern approach pages; therefore multinomial logistic regression methods were utilized. Next model (Model dos) examines new connection anywhere between both genders level and you can newest have fun with condition, controlling on public and you may demographic handle parameters. Fundamentally, Model step three has all of the sex measures and the public and you will market control. From inside the Activities 2 and you may 3, personal and you will demographic control had been provided but are not demonstrated when you look at the the dining tables revealed.

The following result examines method choice certainly one of modern strategy users. The fresh new classes is actually: sterilization profiles (men and women), condom pages, or any other progressive method pages. I use multinomial logistic regression analyses because of it three-group result adjustable. Since accomplished for the latest analyses of most recent use, i take on multiple analyses to examine the newest character of your gender strategies for the men's birth-control alternatives, basic thanks to a keen unadjusted investigation of any sex measure and you can birth prevention strategy possibilities, accompanied by a diagnosis you to controls on societal and you can group manage variables.