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The fresh LSD try showed that the top of one's curvilinear relationship is at the new 302 pal position

Hypotheses Testing

Hypothesis 1 predicted a curvilinear (inverted U-shaped) relationship between the number of friends a profile owner has and observers' perceptions of the profile owner's (a) social and (b) physical attractiveness. In order to test these relationships, one-way analyses of variance (ANOVA) were conducted with number of friends as the independent variable and social attractiveness and physical attractiveness as the dependent variables. Hypothesis 1a was supported. Results showed a significant quadratic effect for the relationship of number of friends on social attractiveness, F (1, 129) = 2.78, p = .098, ? 2 = .02. 2 2 A statistical significance rule of p < .10 for directional hypothesis tests was employed, given the a priori prediction of the inverted-U curvilinear function (see Levine & Banas, 2002 ). Descriptive statistics appear in Table 1. In order to confirm the direction of the curve, the means were subjected to a post-hoc least significant differences (LSD) test. That is, targets were viewed as most socially attractive when they had 302 friends.

  • Note: Means with different superscripts differ within columns at the p < .05 level.

The relationship ranging from level of family unit members and you will bodily elegance didn't proceed with the predicted curvilinear dating. The entire F together with specific attempt to possess quadratic outcomes had been not very much, F (1, 129) = 2.47, p = .119. Theory 1b was not served. Post-hoc LSD analyses failed to tell you people pairwise differences among the many four setting (look for Dining table step 1).

Hypothesis 2 forecast a great linear matchmaking involving the amount of family a visibility owner has and observers' thinking of one's profile customer's extraversion. A keen omnibus you to-ways ANOVA which have extraversion while the created adjustable try tall, F (cuatro, 129) = step 3.several, p=