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The brand new medal recognizes a great benefits to help you fundamental geophysics as well as unselfish venture within the look

Keiiti Aki

Keiiti Aki is issued the brand new 2004 William Bowie Medal at the AGU Slide Conference Honors Service, which had been kept on , within the Bay area, California.


Kei Akis medical research has extended the fresh new frontiers from seismology getting 50 years. The guy developed this new electronic operating regarding seismic studies to infer iamnaughty reviews Environment framework and you will properties of your own quake source. The majority of everything we realize about highest earthquakes uses away from his work.

He had been the first to ever size seismic moment (toward 1964 Niigata disturbance); Aki second features once the changed Richter magnitude once the basic measure away from earthquake dimensions. He located the basic scaling legislation for seismic spectra that fixed inconsistencies among additional magnitude scales, in which he advised actual types of earthquakes to have heterogeneous fault rupture.