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Josh Lyman: Let me make it clear something, mi compadre

You guys were coddled. I am not saying your girl, I'm not your own go camping counselor, and you can I'm not your 6th-amounts professor you had an effective crush with the. I'm a scholar regarding Harvard and Yale and that i believe that my energies out-of discussion normally go up to get to know new Socratic ponder this is the White Household push corps.

Josh Lyman: [Leo must meet the Chairman are in order to talk about some mishaps amongst the professionals] Do i need to state anything?

Josh Lyman: An abundance of this is certainly our very own fault. And President most likely will not simply take so it really well and then we simply want you to be aware that we are there to you into the soul the next day morning.

Sgt. MacNamara: [explaining his arrest out of Roberto Mendoza having suspicion off dui] I'm one that removed him more than, you know. Their driving is actually unstable. However perhaps not totally pretty sure he had not started taking.

Sam Seaborn: Courtroom Mendoza keeps chronic persistent hepatitis, which is a low-modern form of the liver soreness.